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About Us

          Our education shapes us and our career, it is one of the most important decision we make in our lives. While there are numerous institutes and courses, we lack the guidance to choose one that suits us. We, here at lazypede, try our level best to provide you with as much information as we can for you to make the right decision. We aim at providing a comprehensive list of courses and colleges in and around Chennai. Our comprehensive list of courses will give you an idea of the different courses available for you to choose a career line.

          Many students are first generation college goers which makes it difficult for them to get the proper guidance. Many of us choose careers based on a successful family member or neighbour, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. but every year the course list is ever expanding and newer courses are being introduced. Thirty years back, PUC was enough to land a job, but that is not the case today. Thirty years back, nanotechnology was not a course we could find in our colleges or biotechnology for that matter. As our needs change according to changing times, so does our education. Jobs and job offers keep changing, at one point, people used to shun private jobs for government jobs, but now both coexist, at the same time, job oriented courses spurn entrepreneurs too.

          Lazypede aims at providing a comprehensive, but accurate list of courses and colleges to help you choose a career path. We strive at bringing all your needs under one site to help you save time. We strive at providing accurate data. There are many courses offered by colleges, some approved and some not, we provide an extensive list of both approved and non approved courses, some courses don't need approval like a short term certificate in baking where you want to become an entrepreneur or a web designer whereas a degree in engineering would need an approval.

         Lazypede wishes to provide you with all the information you need, we hope to make your work easier and save you the hassle of sifting through many different websites to meet all your needs. We would like to wish you in your endeavour of choosing a career. Happy Discovering!!!

- Lazypede Team

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