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3 Things You Should Know Before You Join Any Course

         The education industry is churning out new courses every day, while it is easy to research existing courses, there is little data available on new courses. If you follow the three tips given below, you can get an idea of how to gauge any course you are planning to take.

1. Job prospect

          A great job is on everyone’s mind when it comes to choosing a course. With the age of internet, it is so easy to determine the job prospect of any course. Before you spend 3 to 4 years of your time, energy and money on the course of your choice, you should spend some time researching its worth. If you want to be a pilot, one would assume that once you pass out from a pilot training school, you are going to start flying an airplane. If you had researched the course thoroughly, you would have found that it takes more than a mere pass to be a successful pilot. There are different categories of commercial pilot licenses which have validity periods and you have to pass its required medical exam which expires in 6 to 12 months depending on your age and class of medical exam and these licenses and its validity vary from country to country and you have to do additional courses to be able to fly at night and in different weather conditions. You should take all these factors into account before you decide to take up pilot training as the requirements of the job just does not depend on the completion of the course alone, it is almost a yearly process to stay on the job. A course alone does not make a career, it is a work in progress with a lot of requirements and fulfillments, you have to do everything needed to get there and most importantly stay there.

2. Career growth

          Career growth is equally important in choosing a career. If the job has very little scope for growth, you are going to be stuck doing the same job for years and it is going to get very repetitive and boring after some time. For example, to take up a career in sales, you just need to be a graduate or less most of the times, but to graduate from a sales executive to say key accounts manager or sales manager, you would require a degree or diploma in management or years into sales. You could shift companies for more remuneration, but unless you are really good or have years of experience, it is much more difficult to reach the top without a management course and 90% of the time, topmost management jobs require a management degree and some prefer one from a reputable school as well. Without the necessary education to help you in your career growth, you could end up doing the same job, maybe in different industries and companies, for 30 years.

3. Present Industry Standards

         The present industry standards give you an insight into what the future looks like for your course. Go to a job website say and put your course say science in the search box and look at the results, this is how the industry looks like right now and it is not going to change very drastically by the time you finish your course, if any, the prospects might go down a little. You can get an idea of the kind of jobs you would get for your course, what is the kind of salary you can expect at different experience levels, the job prospects available in your city versus other cities, career growth for a job, the top employers for a particular job, the industry you will be working in as well as the requirement for career growth. Change the setting to 15 to 25 years experience, now check the results, this will give you a different picture. Now, select your dream job and the highest level of career growth you want to achieve and read the job description. If the job says PhD, then you might be needing a PhD to reach that level, if it specifies a particular experience, you need to start working towards that experience if you want to get a similar job.

         A course need not always make your career, but it helps you to get there initially, but at the same time, you should be able to adapt to newer standards and newer requirements. A good career requires you to be on your toes, research and change when necessary.

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